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Legal counsel assists to run the company’s daily affairs, production management or other activities of company in accordance with the law management. He is entrusted with handling a variety of legal matters so as to protect his employer’s legitimate rights and interests from unlawful infringement and to escort the development of the company. 

With our rich practical experience in the legal affairs, we are confident to help enterprises enhance the legal awareness, improve the ability to prevent legal risks whenever they happen. We try our best to prepare for the risks in advance, to control them away from worsening and to solve the latter problems.

According to the professional understanding of latest laws and regulations, we provide relevant and timely legal advice and the most comprehensive legal support services to help the company make the most effective business projects in the shortest time in order to grasp business opportunities, which makes the company one and the only winner.

Specific contents of legal service

• Provide legal advice for preparing to build, setting up and changing the state of company, and issue the feasibility study report;
• Draw up the articles of association and draft agreement in compliance with the law and corporate investors’ will;
• Draft the rules of procedure of the board of directors, corporate governance guidelines, codes of conduct, etc.;
• Draft, review, modify and formulate all kinds of legal instruments and other legal documents related to the project;
• Draft and review the establishment of the  company basic rules and regulations, employee handbooks, employment contracts;
• Accept legal advice on the legal issues whatever the company encountered in daily operations;
• Send various kinds of lawyer letters to the relevant parties for arrears or other disputes, which is based on the situation of the company;
• Explain the relevant Chinese laws, regulations and requirements of the ordinance for the foreign company;
• Help the company manage different types of internal and external disputes and propose solutions to settle them and legal basis related;
• Assist the business negotiations of the major issues involved in the company;
• Arrange the necessary legal training for project officers, employees or whomever concerned according to the arrangements of the company;
• Provide the latest legal developments and update government policies, legal cases and other information regularly.
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