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Offshore trust not only has the essential attribute of local trusts and uses, but also has the unique geographical advantages. Based on the local laws or provisions of bilateral tax treaties, it can cut the loss of settlor's assets to a minimum range.

The offshore trust also benefits from these features, because the offshore trust is always found in tax haven or low-regulation jurisdictions with a reputation for the safeguarding of assets and superb confidentiality. Under some circumstances, assets managed within offshore trusts for the most part are free from the sometimes-suffocating legal burdens that apply in the settlor’s home country or regional areas.

Offshore trust is a kind of asset allocation and asset protection business with the force of law. A well-designed offshore trust framework helps the settlor exempt from taxation.

We have assisted fund managers and promoters set up private equity funds and mutual funds in offshore. Our team, full of professionals, will manage the trust fund and assets for our clients wholeheartedly and in compliance with their wishes. Besides, we even allow the client involved in the operation of the company's operations and investment projects decisions in an indirect way.

Specific contents of offshore trust:
• Avoid the disclosure of personal information;
• No limit on the nominator's nationality;
• Provide convenience for those who are holding different occupations to directly or indirectly participate in the company operation, business projects or investments;
• Provide the necessities of life when something unfortunate happen to the client like illness and disability;
• Ensure a professional management of settlor’s assets when he is not feeling very well;
• Provide protection for settlor’s future retirement and continuous care for his offspring in accordance with his wishes;
• Circumvent the rules of statutory inheritance rights to protect settlor’s family assets;
• Arrange the family inheritance and estate planning;
• Avoid taxes (including income tax and profits tax reduction and the substantial savings or reduction on estate taxes, legacy taxes and other tax burden);
• Avoid or minimize probate;
• Protect funds from creditors, malicious claimants and divorce;
• Control the beneficiary’s profligacy effectively;
• Arrange property and tax properly before immigration.

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