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Sino-foreign joint venture is approved by the relevant departments in our country, comply with the relevant rules and regulations in China, engaged in some business activities, by one or more than one foreign companies and other economic organizations or individuals with Chinese companies or other economic organizations set up joint investment enterprises in China. Its characteristic is jointly funded and common operation; The respective proportion of capital contribution in accordance with the risk and take the profit and loss.

Established Time
Consulting and designing - 60 working days
General trade - 90 working days
Manufacturing-type enterprise - 6-9 months(according to the project)

Established Requirements
Joint venture of China must be an enterprise as a legal person or other economic organization
The foreign party shares not less than 25% of the registered capital
There are at least 3 people in the board of directors (one of them is the chairman)
One legal representative
One general manager (can be the same person with the legal representative)
At least one board of supervisors and (cannot be assumed by the people above mentioned)
Two professional financial personnel
Registered capital requirement is higher
Need to provide legal proof of address (rental contract, house property,  land card)
The credit certification issued by bank about foreign investor’s business
The audit and assets evaluation report of the previous financial year issued by Chinese investors
Notarization from the foreigners and the certification documents issued by Chinese Embassy and Chinese diplomatic and consular mission.
Other relevant filings

Documents Including
Name of the approval notice
Approval documents and the approval certificate
The company's business license and the copy
Organization code certificate and the copy and IC card
Tax registration certificate and the copy
CA certification card
A set of company seal and the public security net for the record card
Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate
The account opening licenses
Accountant report
Financial registration certificate
Customs registration certificate
Other relevant filings

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