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Trademark Registration The current position:Home > Trademark Registration

•Exclusive use of trademark.
•Enhance the goodwill of the company and trademark.
•Register for the best protection of trademark.

‧Exclusive right for the use of trademark
‧Enhance the goodwill of the trademark holder at the same time protecting the right of intellectual property
‧Trademark holder can proceed legal action for infringement activity to prohibit the unauthorized use of trademark and seek for compensation

1. Pre-filing Trademark Search:
‧ The trademark registration is basically run on a “first-in, first serve” basis
‧ Sample is required to prepare for a registration search with the Trade Marks Registry
‧ The Trade Marks Registry shall return with a tentative opinion or suggested modifications on the samples
‧ Application start upon the confirmation of the trademark sample
2. Application:
‧ The Trade Marks Registry will complete the assessment based on the criteria laid down in the“Trade Marks Ordinance”
3. Posting on the gazette:
‧ The approved trademark will be published on the “Hong Kong Intellectual Property Journal”
‧ Final Assessment will be processed if no objection is received within the 3-month period from the publication date
‧ A Registration Certificate will be issued by the Trade Marks Registry

‧ The first installment of this service shall be paid before the commencement of the registration search without refund under any circumstances
‧ The first installment includes 2 free registration searches in which an additional charge would be applied to the 3rd registration search thereafter
‧ The trademark registration fee would cover only 1 type of trademark classification
‧ An additional government registration fee should be paid for each additional class of trademark registration

‧ Trademark registration is valid for 10 years since 1st April 2003 with a possible renewal of 10 years registration upon its expiration
‧ Renewal of registration shall be made before expiration in order to avoid “Late Renewal
‧ A restoration and renewal fee shall be paid if a trademark has expired more than 6 months, or a new application of trademark registration is required

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