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1.A foreign branch is referred to an economic entity without legal personality of foreign companies established in the PRC that engaged in production and business activities. After applying to the Chinese authorities and get its approval, it should register in the company registration authority for registration in accordance with law and obtain a business license.
2.The civil liability should be borne by the foreign company, namely the head office. In the concrete debt repayment, the operating funds allocated by foreign company should firstly pay off; the foreign company who set up the branch should pay the insufficient part left. 
3.The branch of a foreign company is different from that of the permanent representative office resident representative offices of foreign enterprises, also differs from that of enterprises with foreign-invested enterprise.

Founded requirements 
1.The proof of fixed office addresses proof (contracts, real estate license, land certificates, etc.)
2.Have Corresponding regulatory agencies and the responsible leader (working documents)
3.Have the necessary funds for operating activities (funding allocation proof)
4.An approval letter of setting up a branch that issued by the Parent registration authority
5.Resolution of the Board of Directors of foreign companies
6.The balance sheet of foreign companies in the last quarter
7.Other relevant documents (varies in different regions)

1.Established legally by a foreign company under the law
2.Not have their own independent property
3.Does not have a separate legal personality, does not independently assume civil liability
4.No charter, no board of directors of the company and other forms of decision-making or business executive organs
5.No separate name (add the word branches of foreign company)

1.Simple registration procedure
2.No registered capital requirements
3.Simple financial accounting system
4.The branch profits delivered to the head usually do not have to pay withholding tax
5.The capital transfer between branches and head office does not require incurring taxes, because it does not involve the changes in ownership.

Complete documents 
1.Business license of the branch (both the original and the copy)
2.Organization code (both the original and the copy) and IC card
3.Tax registration certificate (both the original and the copy)
4.C A certification card
5.A set of company chop and network card
6.A set of relevant registration documents

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