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The representative office of foreign enterprises, as known as the permanent representative of foreign enterprises in China, is not a separate legal entity.  The business scope of office shall be stated in the document that submitted to the registration authority, get confirmed by the industrial and commercial administration, and strictly engaged in activities within the scope of their license. Besides, it cannot be occupied in profit able business activities.

1.Make relevant business contacts in some place On behalf of the parent company.
2.Receive guests on behalf of the parent company.
3.Engage in product promotion, market research, technical exchanges and other business activities.
4.Strengthen the relationship between the parent company and local businesses and government.
5.Deal with some of the local issues on behalf of the parent company.

Established requirements
1.The Foreign enterprise should be set up for at least two years or more, and it cannot be a personal one.
2.Provide the articles of association of a foreign enterprise or organization agreement.
3.Limit its location in foreign office and commercial buildings (contracts, real estate license, land certificate, rental invoice)
4.Provide appointment documents and proof of identity for Chief and other general representatives.
5.Provide credit certificate from the financial institutions that have business with.
6.Provide the certification documents issued by states embassies and consulates.
7.Require a financial personnel document.

Founded Time
30 - 50 working days

Complete documents 
1.National Security Agency Approval Form
2.Representative Office Registration Certificate
3.Certificate of deputies for Chief Representative and General Representatives
4.Organization code (both the original and the copy) and IC card
5.Tax registration certificate (both the original and the copy)
6.C A certification card
7.A set of company chop and network card
8.Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate
9.Account license
10.A copy of China Business newspaper announcement

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