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MHL (The Republic of Marshall Island) The current position:Home > MHL (The Republic of Marshall Island)

Location located between Indonesia and Hawaii and in the east of Western Pacific Islands including 29 a coral base ring and 5 islands

Population about 60,000 , mainly local people, Germans, Americans and Chinese

Language English

Time Required
3 working days for a shelf company
10 working days for a new company

1. Based on the common law, close to the pulse of the market and welcomed by foreign companies
2. Convenience on business operations and reasonable on the tax system
3. No need to declare beneficiaries, report profits and financial status
4. No need to submit annual returns, audit accounts or convene the Annual General Meeting
5. Tax exemption and no exchange control
6. Maximize the protection of property and convenience on transferring funds
7. Secure the privacy of personal details of the Director and Shareholder with greatest confidentiality
8. Able to list on the American Exchange Stock
9. Free to add Chinese Name

Formation Requirement
1. 1 Director
2. 1 Shareholder (no restriction on the nationality; Shareholder can also be appointed as Director)
3. Standard issued Share Capital is (US$) 50,000-
4. Increase of Share, additional registration fee is required

1. Company Incorporation Certificate (C.I.)
2. Three articles of association (one original and two copies)
3. 10 sheets of Share Certificate
4. 1 by-law
5. Appointment for the first directors
6. Board Resolutions and Forms
7. A stamp and a signature stamp

Renewal service
1. Within 7 days
2. License fee should be paid annually to ensure the legal status of the company
3. Confirm and update company registration information
4. Issue annual inspection certificate and ensure its legitimacy

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