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Located in the east coast of the United States, facing the Atlantic ocean and Delaware bay, being neighbors with New Jersey and Maryland, no more than 125 miles from New York and Washington. It’s excellent geographical location , with modern equipment in Port of Wilmington are very suitable for commercial development.

Mild in the entire year and the annual average temperature is 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

Population about 840000

Language English

Legal System Common Law and federal laws

Established Time
Finished in 25 working days

Established Advantages
No company secretary
Can be exempt from tax if you do not have business in America
Keep shareholders’ information in secret
Can use the name of the company for business
Has a high legal status in the world which is protected by American government

Established Requirements
The company’s name must end with LLC or INC for registration
One director
One shareholder(can be one person)
Company standard registered capital is US$50,000.
You need to pay additional stamp duty fee if your registered capital is higher than the standard.( 5‰)

Documents including
Company’s registration documents
Overseas company registration certificate(C.I)
Memorandum and Article of Association(M&A)
One quality certificate
Provide the registered address for one year
One company’s stock book
An atom rubber stamp (for bank check stamped)
One Common seal

Annual inspection
The company should pay for the government registered boarding card fee once on February of the second year if it established before December 31.
Annual Audit needs 7 working days to complete
Standard company’s registered capital
Pay for the annual company registered government registration fee
Confirm and update the documents of company registration information
Issue the annual inspection certificate and ensure legitimacy

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