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The island is located in Western Europe. UK consists of Great Britain Island, northeast of the island of Ireland and some smaller islands and is also surrounded by the north sea , the English channel, Celtic sea, Irish sea and the Atlantic ocean.

Language English

Legal System Common Law(the same with HK)

Established Time finished in 7 working days

Established Advantages
Without company secretary
Transfer of shares is not restricted
Open a bank account in HK
Do not need to submit annual return
Do not need to submit the company accounting annually
Can be exempt from tax if you do not have business in HK
Can be listed in HK

Established Requirements
One director1
One shareholder (One can also served as director and shareholder)
Company standard registered capital is 50000 pounds
You need to pay additional stamp duty fee if your registered capital is higher than the standard.

Documents including
Overseas company registration certificate(C.I)
Memorandum and Article of Association(M&A)
One company’s stock book
An atom rubber stamp
A square rubber stamp (for bank check stamped)
There is a book that records shareholders, directors , secretaries and meetings.

Annual inspection
Companies need to delivery in the second year government boarding card registration fee.
Annual Audit needs 7 working days to complete.
Confirm and update the documents of company registration information
Issue the annual inspection certificate and ensure legitimacy

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