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Comprising about 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, most of which located south of the equator about 4 to 5 degrees

Population About 80,000

Language English, French

Legal System English common law, the French Civil Law and common law

Time Required
5 working days for a shelf company
20 working days for a new company

1. Able to add Chinese Name (Optional, additional charge for registration is required: 1,000-)
2. Secure the privacy of personal details of the Director and Shareholder with greatest confidentiality
3. Do not require Company Secretary
4. Convenience on transfer of Shares (No stamp duty/restriction)
5. Able to open a bank account in Hong Kong
6. Do not require submitting Annual Return
7. Not required to submit the company accounts annually
8. Tax exemption for offshore business

Formation Requirement
1. 1 Director
2. 1 Shareholder (no restriction on the nationality; Shareholder can also be appointed as Director)
3. No restriction on the Share currency (e.g. USD / HKD / RMB etc.)
4. Standard issued Share Capital is (US$) 1,000,000

1. Registration documentations
2. Company Incorporation Certificate (C.I.)
3. Memorandum & Articles (M&A)
4. Share Certificate
5. 1 piece of Pre-stamp Chop
6. 1 piece of Common Seal
7. 1 Legal Company Statutory Record of shareholders, directors and secretary

Renewal service
1. License fee should be paid annually to ensure the legal status of the company.
2. It takes 7 working days for the annual verification.
3. Confirm and update company registration information.
4. Issue annual inspection certificate and ensure its legitimacy.
5. If the registered capital of more than $1,000,000, registered annual maintenance cost will increase correspondingly.

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