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As one of “the four Asian tigers”, Singapore is Asia’s most important banking, service and shipping center and is the fourth international financial center after London, New York and Hong Kong .Singapore’s high standard of business environment ,high efficiency of the financial system and the high income tax breaks create a good business environment for the prosperous development of the enterprise.

Population: 5.26 million people

Language: English

Law system: Common Law

<p>Established Time : finished in 15 working days

Established Advantages:
1. Singapore is one of the world's largest port of transit trade, which transfer products to Europe , the Americas, Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions to avoid the influence of some economic and political factors.
2. It is helpful to apply for the Singapore immigration and enjoy a good environment for working , education and living by registering a limited liability company.
3. Singapore is adjacent to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia, Thailand. It’s excellent geographical location and the stable political situation will help investors to open the Asia market and establish the business network in southeast Asia.
4.Preferential tax policy will be helpful for investors to reduce costs

Established Requirements
1. One director, 21 years of age or older (Must be the Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent residents or employment pass holder when the director and the shareholder be the same person )
2. There are at least 2 directors and one of the must be the Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident when foreigners establish the limited liability company.
3. One shareholder (can be of any nationality)
4. The minimum registered capital is 100000 Singapore dollars
5. Subscribed capital is 20000 Singapore dollars
6. Singapore address as the registered address
7. Company secretary (Singapore citizen or permanent residents)

Documents including
Company’s registration documents
Overseas company registration certificate(C.I)
Memorandum and Article of Association(M&A)
A square rubber stamp (for bank check stamped)
An atom rubber stamp
Licensed accountants to verify the original
There is a book that records shareholders, directors, secretaries and meetings.

Annual inspection
Company needs to do the anniversary of the declaration and tax declaration in the following year
Anniversary of the declaration needs 10 working days to finish
Confirm and update the documents of company registration information
Issue the annual inspection certificate and ensure legitimacy

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